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Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Kababie Arquitectos

Project Title:


Project Location:

Mexico City, Mexico

Design Practice Location:

Mexico City, Mexico

The client’s wanted a warm and harmonious environment without losing modernity. The brief also included the creation of an inside-to-outside connection to generate open and versatile spaces that could change from public to private with a subtle transition. The central axis of the project was the creation of public area (lounge-dining room-dining area) dividing spaces through different materials and textures and without reliance on dividing walls. This provided a feeling of spaciousness, integrating both classical and modern art pieces and taking full advantage of natural lighting. A dark and intense colour palette was used to balance furniture and convey

elegance. One of the overall successes of the project is its contemporaneity in the use of materials, lighting and accessories.