Brewing Feast with Art

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Project Details


Retail Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Winner Interior Design Co.

Project Title:

Brewing Feast with Art

Project Location:

Taichung City, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taichung City, Taiwan

Inspired by Eastern traditions culture and infused with Western aesthetics, this space honours the tradition of tea culture. The large round door handle at the entrance to the store is inspired by the Taiji (T’ai-chi) and reflects both calligraphic and floral design. The reception area, mainly used for tea tasting, has stone walls and is decorated with collections of delicate stones and paintings. The stainless armchairs evoke the beauty of both classical Chinese and modern Western aesthetics while a cast-iron cupboard and glass showcase connect the outdoor and indoor spaces. A smaller reception room, encased by glass walls, is decorated in the traditional tea room style. Beautifully lit acrylic plates, wrapped with layers of silk, are displayed like precious artworks and add to the delicacy of the space.