Buddha Bar

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Club & Bar Design Finalist

Design Practice:

LW Design

Project Title:

Buddha Bar

Project Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Design Practice Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The intrepid, from the serene foothills of the Himalayas to the decadent abandonment of modern living, is etched into the design of Buddha Bar Dubai. This notorious Pan Asia restaurant-club is a veritable oxymoron: inspired by peace, tranquility, prayer and reflection, the end result is a fusion of hedonistic, sultry opulence. Dark and brooding, with vibrant bursts of red, burnished orange, gold are reminiscent of scarlet sunrises or momentary amber. Flashes of Tibetan monks hurrying to prayer to dusk. Swatches of sumptuous velvet drapes showcase three story windows that reflect the flickering candlelight and extravagantly intricate chandeliers.