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Restaurant Design Finalist

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Singapore, Singapore

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New York, United States

Colony, a signature dining venue at Ritz Carlton Singapore, reflects Singapore’s collective journey among its people, a people from many cultures and backgrounds who settled over the generations in Singapore. Colony tells the story of this journey and experience from Singapore’s culinary perspective. Through the designer’s ‘invisible design approach’, the interaction within a space is a journey of the senses in what we hear, touch, feel, taste, smell, see and hear. The designer applied a creative space planning layout with the intention to allow people to grow within the space. From the open energy flowing in the patisserie to the intimate seating in the dining area to the comforting sofa seating, the feeling of being in a traditional restaurant is far from what was intended. The ease, simplicity of the layout of the displays and buffet is a celebration of cuisine while presenting a solution to a complex and sophisticated kitchen design.