Crown Towers Perth Spa

Project Details


Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Blainey North & Associates

Project Title:

Crown Towers Perth Spa

Project Location:

Perth, Australia

Design Practice Location:

Sydney, Australia

This plan was inspired by the interactive planning of traditional Roman bath houses, where circular vestibules connected the private and public spaces provide a social connection between different functions. The linking of these spaces creates beautiful and intimate thresholds, carved by the joining of the geometric forms. The feature vestibules punctuate the journey through the spa, providing interest and connectivity. The concept is based on the idea of creating the feeling of an imaginary underwater landscape. It is inspired by those refractions of light you see on the surface of the water when you look up from underneath. The interior has been created in concentric shades of blue, like those of the sea and is structured around a central axis.