Crystal Mozart

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Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design Finalist

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Crystal Mozart

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Passau, Germany

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Toronto, Canada

Inspired by the striking, seasonal panoramas of the Danube River in Germany to Budapest in Hungary, the Crystal Mozart is an enchanting blend of old world charm and luxurious elegance. A sleek 160 passenger vessel, the Crystal Mozart has 79 rooms in three suite types. The widest cruising vessel on European rivers, its recent refurbishment allowed for the design of some of the most spacious river cruise cabins afloat. Resembling a high-end hotel or luxury flat, II BY IV DESIGN applied an elegant land-based design aesthetic that was achieved while working with the inherent challenges presented by a marine vessel: lower ceiling heights, weight considerations and limited space. To create a feeling of spaciousness, special attention was paid to lighting, scale and storage. The necessities of modern life were thoughtfully addressed through discrete storage solutions, multi-functional furniture and fully integrated technology.