Dalmore Flagship Store

Project Details


Retail Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Sonia Santiago Olivares & Associates Inc.

Project Title:

Dalmore Flagship Store

Project Location:

Taguig City, Phillipines

Design Practice Location:

Makati City, Phillipines

The first flagship Dalmore store in the world is located at Bonifacio Global City in Manila in the Philippines. Given the provenance of The Dalmore, which has been tagged the most expensive whisky in the world, the goal was to highlight the strong tradition of the brand within a modern context. The approach was to create a genteel, refined retail and tasting space that felt modern but imbued hints of tradition; the space also had to be conducive to a relaxed shopping experience. On entry to the store, visitors are greeted by the 21-bottle Constellation Collection displayed in a lacquered case in its signature deep purple colour. The bottle storage room is reminiscent of a traditional gentleman’s club but is brought up to date; it relies on a colour palette that takes its cues from elements specific to whisky distilling such as copper, amber and rich brown wood. Details of cut-crystal glass have been used as architectural elements to further emphasis the theme.