Diaoyutai Hangzhou Hotel

Project Details


Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

CCD & Shenzhen Asiantime International Construction

Project Title:

Diaoyutai Hangzhou Hotel

Project Location:

Hangzhou, China

Design Practice Location:

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This hotel pays homage to the history and culture of Hangzhou, which is famous for its natural landscapes and artistic culture. To create a sense of ‘East meets West’ and to balance comfort and elegance, the design team chose a combination of Chinese classical, new Chinese-style and Western-style furniture for the space. Most of the furniture is made of elm wood, top-grade snowflake white marble and luxurious leather with handmade bronze fasteners. This gives guests a sense of quality and understated luxury. The overall atmosphere in the main lobby and lobby bar-dining area sum up the ethos of the Diaoyutai brand, a sense of being ‘elegant but not arrogant, stylish but not shabby, full of Chinese spirit and international flavour’. The lighting design underpins this mix of Chinese and Western elements. Copper and aged wood combine with glass to create lighting pieces. The vertical wall is entirely covered in greenery, providing a sense of clam for guests.