Experiencing a Japanese-style Fantasy

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Project Details


Restaurant Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Wyson Int‘l Architecture Interior Design

Project Title:

Experiencing a Japanese-style Fantasy

Project Location:

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

The design featuring blue frames, white layered surfaces and bright lights that all make the façade and indoor space dazzle, infusing the restaurant with energy. The seating area features contemporary Japanese-style exposed concrete, the grey ceiling, floor and walls complementing the black features. When moving through the space, visitors experience perspective, created by use of colour and light. The impression is one of majesty and fantasy, an avant-garde space. The central area is decorated with warm-coloured wood while red represents the sun in the Japanese flag. The lights and shadow as well as the colour palette define the characteristics of the space. The aim of the design is to awake emotion in diners and inspire the imagination.