Formica European HQ

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Project Details


Office Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Contents Design

Project Title:

Formica European HQ

Project Location:

Newcastle, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Newcastle, United Kingdom

Contents Design was invited by Formica to look at a new office for their European HQ. Key objectives were to re-establish links between the Commercial and Industrial teams, showcase Formica’s own products and to celebrate its industrial heritage. Following a feasibility study, the decision was made to refurbish an old Art Deco style, two-storey brick building built in 1945. This reception building had great potential due to its original features. The unique character of the interior design scheme is created through the innovative way in which Formicas product range manifests itself throughout each space. Artwork, doors, furniture, display, cubicles, and wall panels are all finished with Formica products. Each Formica product has been carefully selected to showcase surface, texture, colour and form in a graphic, artistic and sculptural technique.