Ginkgo Room Type A4

Project Details


Residential Design Over £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Bluemoon Design

Project Title:

Ginkgo Room Type A4

Project Location:

Hangzhou, China

Design Practice Location:

Shenzhen, China

This project is set amid a breathtaking landscape comprised of rivers, mountains, beautiful architecture and cityscapes. It is located on the former site of the Binjiang Campus of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China, overlooking the West Lake, a World Cultural Heritage Site, and the beautiful bay of the Qiantang River. It also faces the Six Harmonies Pagoda. This is a landmark building, standing 150 metres high along the Qiantang riverfront, and designed by the renowned Italian architect Guido Giacomo Bondielli to evoke the beauty of ginkgo tree. Inspired by the surroundings, the designer wanted to bring a fresh take on the beauty of the East through modern design. In the building, spatial design is informed by the concept of void and fullness, which is found in traditional Chinese painting, creating a calm space with traditional elements that are attuned to a modern lifestyle. This balance of East and West as well as tradition and modernity combine to create a fresh Eastern sense of beauty.