Holiday Inn Express Generation IV Public Space

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Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

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Holiday Inn Express Generation IV Public Space

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London, United Kingdom

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London, United Kingdom

Generation IV was based on the concept of ‘smart design for the smart traveller’. This has been generated from extensive insights into what hotel owners seek from their assets and guests seek from their stay. Part of the remit was to position Holiday Inn Express above competitors in a crowded market with achieving great differentiation from its sister brand, Holiday Inn. This has been achieved by updating the entire look and feel of the traditional limited-service hotel. The scale of the Holiday Inn Express estate poses a challenge for innovation rollout. The vast range of property types means the design needed to suit refurbs, rebrands and new builds. In addition, a reliable brand experience is key to building loyalty, so a ‘Kit of Parts’ technical guide was created to help owners, designers and architects achieve consistency. Generation IV has been as success, with overall guest satisfaction increasing by over 10% and plans to extend the concept overseas.