House by the Pyramids

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Project Details


Residential House Under £1M Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Eklego Design

Project Title:

House by the Pyramids

Project Location:

Cairo, Egypt

Design Practice Location:

Cairo, Egypt

The client is a retired banker who is an avid collector of art and very proud of her Coptic heritage. Her grandfather founded the Coptic museum in Cairo and she wanted to reflect that heritage in her new home, through patterns and finishes. The house, for a family of four, was zoned into private and public spaces. Within the private spaces the design team created more zoning to accommodate the various personalities of the household. The one function that unites all spaces is the ability to display the couples’ extensive art collection. Cherished heirlooms were mixed with contemporary pieces sourced from Italy and beyond to create a warm and personalised dwelling. Now, the house stands as a tribute to the history as well as the contemporary culture of Egypt.