Jakob Lambaz Makeup Room

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Project Details


Retail Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Asma Bkerat Design House

Project Title:

Jakob Lambaz Makeup Room

Project Location:

Amman, Jordan

Design Practice Location:

Amman, Jordan

The project centres on just one room, a room that evokes a sense of fairytale and wonder as well as luxury and passion. Entry to the room is through a pair of imposing royal blue doors flanked by intriguing glass window displays, which serve to heighten the sense of drama and pique the customer’s curiosity. On entering the room it’s impossible not to notice the central colourful element – the painted dome inspired by the work of Michaelangelo. From the dome, a dramatic Italian chandelier is suspended flooding the room with light. To convey as sense of reflection and depth, the walls are lined with custom-made mirrors, each over three metres in height and adorned with gold leaf. All the mirrors are designed individually, adding even more detail and beauty to the space. The overwhelming sense is of being enveloped in luxury and magic.