Ku De Ta

Project Details


Restaurant Design Finalist

Design Practice:

4M Group

Project Title:

Ku De Ta

Project Location:

Perth, Australia

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

The French phrase: coup d’état, translates to “stroke of state”. In the same light, Ku De Ta Perth forges a new identity for Australian restaurant design and cuisine, by harnessing the history of West Australia and infusing it into the very food and fibre of this contemporary 2000 m2 venue. 4M Group designed this sequel to its Bali counterpart that serves the remarkable culture and landscape of West Australia to its 840 daily patronage. An eco-conscious perspective steers clients between moods of peaceful amber-coloured nostalgia, to the simmering dark allure of the backdrop, when needed. No detail has been spared, not even in the bathrooms where sinks are fastened with stacks of salvaged timber. Similarly, logs from past bushfires have been re-sprouted and used for the external landscaping. At Ku De Ta people find the history of Australia is every bolt and bite, forever to be remembered, cherished, and respected.