MCT-Reo Suite

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Project Details


Shows Flats & Developments Finalist

Design Practice:

Zzz(Zcube) Interior Architecture Design

Project Title:

MCT-Reo Suite

Project Location:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Design Practice Location:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The site is located within an empty office unit at Subang Jaya with a panoramic view. Paying homage to the on-site materials, the design team decided to keep the existing cement flooring and enhance it by surrounding it with lively and vibrant elements that would appeal to young people and give anyone using the space a memorable experience. Visitors are welcomed with a large, slick concrete counter punctuated with green planters to soften the approach. Dynamic shapes on the horizontal and vertical surfaces add interest yet maintain the original aesthetic. The whole space is accentuated by a bright yellow cantilevered ceiling that leads the visitor’s eye towards three studio spaces, for artists, musicians and photographers respectively. Each contains furniture that has been creatively designed to serve multiple functions, allowing occupants to fully express their creativity when using the space.