Modern Aesthetic Medicine Building

Project Details


Healthcare Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Tsing Yan Interior Design Co.

Project Title:

Modern Aesthetic Medicine Building

Project Location:

Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

In this building, used for practising aesthetic medicine, the spatial designer created a brand new ambiance in the lobby, reception area and offices in order to help visitors and patients overcome any anxiety about the medical treatments they are undergoing. At the entrance, a large, red work of installation art brings contemporary loft style to the building and helps to dispel tension as patients come through the doors. In the basement, a transparent glass walkway with tree representations allows patients to view calming and pleasing images as they move through the space. Other design details around the building connect on a human level with those who visit this space, engendering a sense of calm and comfort.