Mortonhall Crematorium

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Project Details


Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

City of Edinburgh Council

Project Title:

Mortonhall Crematorium

Project Location:

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Mortonhall Crematorium is a multi-denominational crematorium. As Scotland’s busiest crematorium, it is a Grade A listed building of special architectural and historical interest, an example of Basil Spence’s post-war expressionist style. Refurbishment extended to the chapels and the reconfiguration of the reception as well as the creation of a new family room. Inspired by the approach of Maggie’s Centres, it was decided to create a comforting area for the bereaved, a space in which they can be supported to make important decisions about their loved one’s memorial. At the heart of every Maggie’s Centre is a kitchen table and, inspired by this concept of ‘kitchenism’ the space is very domestic in appearance. A palette of natural materials and colours was used throughout to help create a calming, nurturing and holistic environment. Bespoke furniture was designed in-house and manufactured by the Grassmarket Community Project, a local social enterprise, while artwork by local artists is displayed in the space.