Nanjing Taihe Sales Center

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Project Details


Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

LeStyle Design

Project Title:

Nanjing Taihe Sales Center

Project Location:

Nanjing, China

Design Practice Location:

Nanjing, China

Spatial design is less an art form than the compromise of functionality and the law of reason; artistic culture is usually the inspiration source of creativity and is handed down from generation to generation. With a respect for Chinese traditional culture, the designers from LeStyle have incorporated the traditional cultural traditions of books, incense, tea and flowers into the design for the Nanjing Taihe Sales Center. The elegant space is perfect for modern lifestyles; not just an aesthetic experience, it is an all-around cultural immersion for both psychological and physiological senses. This masterpiece is not only a tribute to the beauty of China but also a comment on our design culture.