Natural Beauty

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Project Details


Retail Design Finalist

Design Practice:

San Gong Design

Project Title:

Natural Beauty

Project Location:

Taipei City, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taipei City, Taiwan

Located in Dazhi, an emerging urban district in Taipei City, the In House Salon is a hairdressing store on the ground floor of a new building. For this indoor space, 4.2 metres in height, the designer skillfully extended the working area by creating a mezzanine. Inspired by the personality of the head of the salon, the designer created a stress-free environment using a number of woods and other natural construction materials. Design has been used to create a feeling of increased space, for example in the high reception area, with a crisscross, paved floor, a cube-surface counter and the creation of a wall between the reception and working areas. Mirrors and lighting create a pleasant and relaxing environment. The entire space feels consistent and harmonious thanks to an extended wall in green, an undulating display stand finished in artificial turf on top and natural wood grain textures.