nouveau ART nouveau

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CGI & Visualisation Finalist

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Project Title:

nouveau ART nouveau

Project Location:

Riga, Latvia

Design Practice Location:

Riga, Latvia

Neoklasika has created a uniquely tailored home that celebrates and re-imagines the aesthetics of Art Nouveau in a new perspective. Situated in the historical centre of Riga, the 195-square-metre apartment merges the boundaries between design and art. The interior creates a dynamic ambiance filled with references to the shapes and colours of nature. The materials, craftsmanship and the techniques of Neoklasika’s team of artists combine to create a one-of-a-kind interior designed to inspire. The visualisations illustrate the nuanced relationship between exquisite materials, wall murals and lighting scenography. The vast range of bespoke furniture and custom-made interior elements were 3D modelled at Neoklasika for this project. The visualisations showcase the dynamic design and present the interior concept in life-like images.