Nurai Cafe and Restaurant

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Project Details


Restaurant Design Finalist

Design Practice:

4SPACE interior design

Project Title:

Nurai Cafe and Restaurant

Project Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Design Practice Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This project facing Burj Khalifa and is a 3,300-square-foot stylish Mediterranean restaurant. Its name is derived from the Turkish for ‘the white moon’ and the design is inspired by the magnificent view of a full white moon in a dark forest. The curved honeycomb-patterned ceiling and full-height wood-clad illuminated wall with hidden forest bring a stunning contemporary interior concept to this space. When the light is on, the mural gives the impression of being in a deep, dark forest. When the light is off, the forest pattern is completely hidden and only the wood-finished wall is apparent. Custom-made white acrylic pendant lights give the impression of moonlight while greenery hanging from ceiling increases the feeling of being at one with the forest. Gold leaf was used on the wall cladding in VIP sitting area for a more luxurious look and feel, while table tops made from cross-sections of trees with black metallic legs add rustic serenity.