Oceanwide International

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Project Details


CGI & Visualisation Finalist

Design Practice:

David Chang Design Associates International

Project Title:

Oceanwide International

Project Location:

Beijing, China

Design Practice Location:

Beijing, China

The design of the décor seeks to reduce the concrete and emphasise the abstract in the form of classical European detailing. Cream is the primary tone, while materials used incorporate both the practical and the elegant, expressing a form of balanced modernity. Natural stone, rose wood and artistic wallpaper all feature, lighting up the space and providing an environment of warmth. The matching of leathers, meanwhile, conveys a strong sense of quality, along with the presence of artistic glass and crystal. The Beijing Oceanwide International Resident District Presentation Center sits alongside the East Fourth Ring Road near Chaoyang Park in Beijing’s Chaoyang District. With a total area of 330 hectares swathed in green space, this landmark construction consists of six main functional areas: residential; commercial and entertainment; exhibition; educational; sports and recreation.