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Office Design Finalist

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Mexico City, Mexico

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Mexico City, Mexico

The idea for this project was to make a space that is extremely versatile and create collaborative space where employees could connect and feel a sense of stimulation and wellbeing. All the spaces imbue this sense of openness and transparency; they reflect the values of the company, of focus, discretion and dynamism. The lighting, as an essential part of any architectural project, adds qualities to each of the different spaces. The same place can change radically in nature depending on the mode of lighting, which affects both moods and visual experiences. The play of light makes it possible to bring a playful nature, define pathways and colour or dramatise textures and relief. The project give the design team the opportunity to create a place where it’s possible to observe through different eyes and connect with others; it was a chance to create different environments that enhance productivity, comfort and wellbeing.