Poly Beiluo Villa C1 Apartment

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Project Details


Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design Finalist

Design Practice:

GuangZhou Daosheng interior Design Co.

Project Title:

Poly Beiluo Villa C1 Apartment

Project Location:

Guangzhou, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangzhou, China

The open-air structure at the top of the building brings to mind US-style design but also reflects a desire to be at one with nature. The double-height living room evokes a sense of space and elegance, while metal chandeliers and floor lamps enhance the quality of the space. The combination of light and shadow is ever changing, so the house exudes warmth and evokes the sense of an unwinding Zen poem. Darker hues calm the atmosphere while brown and dark-coloured furnishings exudes a sense of nature. Instead of complex decorative lines, the simple and neat styling brings a sense of order and refinement. In contrast, exotic Thai-style pillows are used to adorn the sofas and beds, while gauzy white fabric hanging suspended from the bed frame flutters in the breeze and lend the space a light, mellow atmosphere.