Poly Garden Presentation Center

Project Details


Shows Flats & Developments Finalist

Design Practice:

David Chang Design Associates International

Project Title:

Poly Garden Presentation Center

Project Location:

Zhaoqing, China

Design Practice Location:

Beijing, China

The sales centre was created as the presentation and sales centre for the Poly Garden Residential high-rise project and is capable of accommodating hundreds of prospective purchasers. Its design was inspired by cultural traditions introduced during the Song Dynasty era mixed with Corinthian classic architectural elements. The delicate colour palette of the black, grey and white takes its inspiration from the historic Chinese calligraphy brush, ink and ink stone. Soft veined marble expressed in traditional fretwork patterns echo the delicacy of Song Dynasty influences. The soaring 14-metre-high octagonal-shaped hall is crowned with a luminous stained-glass skylight creating a strong sense of grandeur that reverberates throughout the entire project. Lofty gallerias and an illuminated, curved barrel-vaulted ceiling echo this majestic ambience.