Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

Project Details


Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Rockwell Group

Project Title:

Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

Project Location:

Tokyo, Japan

Design Practice Location:

New York, United States

Rockwell Group’s design concept is influenced by the hotel’s unique elevated position. Throughout the hotel, design features create the illusion of levitation. Essential to creating an ethereal, dream-like environment was the careful articulation of the boundaries between the interior of the hotel and the sky that surrounds it. Both public areas and guestrooms display different kinds of prosceniums (vertical plane of space) that interact with the breathtaking views and surroundings. Nature-inspired elements create an undercurrent of surrealism in the soaring glass tower. Lastly, with ownership assistance, Rockwell Group purchased original art work from young and upcoming Japanese artists complementing the ‘gallery’ aspect of the new Prince hotel brand.