Project Two Knives

Project Details


Restaurant Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Vill-na Buro

Project Title:

Project Two Knives

Project Location:

Brovary, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

In this restaurant of 180 square metres in the suburbs of Kiev, the task was to design an open kitchen at the heart of the space and separate the different restauarant processes, so that the traffic streams did not intersect. Another objective was to create a modern interpretation of a Ukrainian restaurant with traditional elements. For this reason, natural materials that felt authentically Ukrainian were used, such as stone, wood, metal and plants. As a part of the contemporary interior, copper water pipes, moss and piles of cut wood are on display. A printed canvas inspired by traditional Ukrainian carpet-making is used as a symbol of Western Ukrainian heritage. Racks made of metal and mirrors separate zones while the reflection of the mirrors gives a feeling of increased space.