Renewed House of Mondrian

Project Details


Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Tinker Imagineers

Project Title:

Renewed House of Mondrian

Project Location:

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Design Practice Location:

Utrecht, Netherlands

Tinker Imagineers created the multimedia concept and new interior design for this space – the Mondriaanhuis Amersfoort – in which visitors can follow in the footsteps of artist Piet Mondrian. It’s an opportunity to look through the eyes of the artist who kept reinventing himself and his work.

One particular challenge was the lack of original works, therefore the visitor journey starts with a video installation of Mondrian’s oeuvre. This musical picture story takes the visitor from his early landscapes and colourful seascapes to the abstract world he is famous for; the journey is accompanied by the contemporary music that he enjoyed, from Ravel to jazz, from Stravinsky to boogie-woogie. Visitors enter Mondrian’s dream, in which his work, the city, and his favorite music all melt together into one audio-visual spectacle.