RV Samatha & RV Princess Panhwar: Myanmar Luxury River Cruise Ships

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Project Details


Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

CHIL Interior Design

Project Title:

RV Samatha & RV Princess Panhwar: Myanmar Luxury River Cruise Ships

Project Location:

Yangon, Myanmar

Design Practice Location:

Vancouver, Canada

This design project marked the first foray into the hospitality transport sector for CHIL Interior Design. who designed the interiors of the RV Samatha and 4-star RV Princess Panhwar for Australian Pacific Touring (APT). The vessels, which include guest suites, a lounge, sun deck, lobbies and public spaces, rest rooms, opulent corridors and a centerpiece restaurant, strike a fine balance between traditional ornamentalism and modern luxury. Warm, sophisticated colour pallets, rich woods, and geometric forms and patterns speak to Myanmar’s history and culture while celebrating its diverse landscapes. The design team had to painstakingly evaluate every material, appliance and piece of furniture with precision to ensure the overall weights of the ships were kept light to clear low river levels. A mix of insight and creative problem solving, such as using lightweight flooring solutions instead of solid wood, were applied to create design solutions that are as efficient as they are beautiful.