Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan

Project Details


Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

CCD & Shenzhen Asiantime International Construction

Project Title:

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan

Project Location:

Shenzhen, China

Design Practice Location:

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The Shenzhen Marriott Hotel is set in the business centre of Nanshan and is a landmark building with 340 guest rooms and suites. It also has several high-end restaurants, a swimming pool and a spa centre. The design team aimed to create a recreational business hotel in the public spaces; in the bedrooms guests would feel they were in their own private study, where they could rest and relax while feeling inspired from a professional point of view.

The local culture and crafts were an inspiration for the design team. The beauty of local fishing villages, native weaving crafts and fishing nets as well as the rolling hills and beautiful lychee flowers that grow in the mountains were all incorporated into the design. These elements can be seen in the patterns and designs in the carpets, the linen fabrics, folding screens and fireplaces, which all embody the great beauty and traditions of the location.