Shenzhen Vanke Headquarters

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Project Details


Office Design Finalist

Design Practice:

BLVD International

Project Title:

Shenzhen Vanke Headquarters

Project Location:

Shenzhen. China

Design Practice Location:

Shenzhen. China

Shenzhen Vanke Center is a good example on environmental considerations and energy-saving ideas can be blended into architecture. The whole project showcases real-estate development company Vanke’s honest exploration of the relationships between man and his fellow man, man and nature, and man and society. The design is a humble and low-profile expression on building a bridge between nature and urban life. The designer ensured that the interior design should also embody the client’s corporate ethos within the space. The design, which intends to break free of the traditional office format and idea of single-function spaces, creates a dramatic spatial experience for both staff and clients. This project is a masterful interpretation of the place where perfection meets harmony.