Suites at The Gleneagles Hotel

Project Details


Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Goddard Littlefair

Project Title:

Suites at The Gleneagles Hotel

Project Location:

Scotland, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

Goddard Littlefair has redesigned the suite and estate room concepts for the Gleneagles Hotel. Design inspiration came from Goddard Littlefair’s initial visit to the hotel, taking in its scale, presence and grandeur, as well as its incredible location, with rolling hills and an amazing palette of natural colours in every direction. The rooms had to reflect that sense of emotional uplift via a warm, welcoming and reviving feel, with true five-star luxury communicated via highly individual room treatments, with different room design concepts and one-off touches in every single room, as well as via layering, texture and visual interest and intrigue. A sense of place was also underlined by working with local craftsmen, fabric producers and upholsterers wherever possible to reference the many classic fabrics Scotland is renowned for and support Scottish businesses.