Tata Motors

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Office Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Transitions Designs

Project Title:

Tata Motors

Project Location:

Pune, India

Design Practice Location:

Pune, India

This is a 53,000-square-foot activity-based workspace for Tata motors, a leading Indian automobile company. Tata Motors sought a workplace that was collaborative, motivating, engaging and that would live up to the brand’s core values. With a defined idea about what was required for the interior planning for this office, the large floor space was designed for an effective circulation pattern and precise space distinction. This activity-based workplace allows for transparency, ease of communication and flexibility. What truly drove the design was the desire of Tata to be branded as a ‘cool’ workspace. Themes such as health, relaxation, beaches, outdoors and racing were all carefully incorporated to build the type of environment they desired. The gears of efficiency and a galaxy of possibilities are core values of Tata Motors office and those were represented in a very real sense through the design.