Telia Company

Project Details


Office Design Finalist

Design Practice:

White Arkitekter

Project Title:

Telia Company

Project Location:

Luleå, Sweden

Design Practice Location:

Göteborg, Sweden

Telia’s Luleå office is an example of how re-use can create an engaging office space. Created by White, the furniture concept consisted of the reworking of furniture from half a dozen former workplaces. An inventory of the company’s vast range of products from different brands was compiled. A selection of these items were hand-picked by White and subsequently re-designed and re-crafted according to the architects’ drawings. In all, 86% of the project’s interior design contain re-designed furniture. Despite the costs of this transformative process, the cost of the project was 20% lower than if newly produced furniture had been used. The office is divided into a collection of spaces, from the focused work stations, open areas and demo stations in the customer service department, to the lounge with its spaces for solving urgent tasks. Now 700 employees work in this modern office space in which functional durability and pleasing aesthetics go hand in hand.