The Glasshouse

Project Details


KBB Design Finalist

Design Practice:

development direct

Project Title:

The Glasshouse

Project Location:

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Designer, Colin Wong was commissioned to design this space for an offshore engineer who loved to entertain on his month off. The kitchen was designed to respect the dramatic architectural form of the house.

The cabinetry was positioned ‘centre-stage’ and inspiration was drawn from the curvature of the stair and glazing so twin islands were introduced to rest on bespoke industrial cylinders. Curved extractors drop symmetrically over each form with subtle curved edging on the tall pods adding just the required balance of detailing.

Colin positioned the islands at offset angles to add drama and bravado akin to a pair of sports cars in a photoshoot. The sink furniture was recessed into framework with storage hidden behind sliding glazed doors. This detail was replicated at 1st floor level to allow the client to enjoy the views from the comfort of his bed. A dramatic kitchen scheme with perfect functional ergonomics.