The Power of O

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Project Details


Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Aesthetic of Space Design Co.

Project Title:

The Power of O

Project Location:

Taipei, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taipei, Taiwan

No boundaries exist in status zero. 0 is a circle that keeps on circling, and everything starts from zero. For this project the designer sought to redefine the design of space without framed boundaries: everything is possible at the zero boundary status. Maximising window size in the living room means that sunlight pours in from the outside and nourishes the power and energy of the space. Even if you are inside the house, you can still feel the sunlight and breeze coming in from the outside, and each corner is filled with the purest energy flowing directly from nature. Flooded with warm sunlight, the window-oriented design of the study creates a comfortable space. The boundary-free design visually enlarges the room and makes it appear more spacious, in doing so creating the perfect environment for enjoying peace and quality time alone.