The Word, National Centre for the Written Word

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Public Space Design Finalist

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The Word, National Centre for the Written Word

Project Location:

South Shields, United Kingdom

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Newcastle, United Kingdom

The Word represents a paradigm shift in library design. The human-centric design strategy ensures that an individual’s creativity is at the heart of the building’s ambition. Arranged around a circular form, the building presents users with delightful spaces for large group interactivity as well as individual contemplative study. This immersive building is full of traditional and cutting-edge digital media to enable the written word to be created, shared and exhibited. The philosophy of the form, material and building physics has delivered a build where sustainability and wellbeing are at the forefront. The project is seen as an exemplar of its typology and presents itself as a beacon for democratic and third space design solution. The immersive nature and diversity of choice combined with powerful design, creates a significant and civilised building which points to the future, underlining the importance of the library within society.