The World of the VOC

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Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Nationaal Archief

Project Title:

The World of the VOC

Project Location:

The Hague, Netherlands

Design Practice Location:

The Hague, Netherlands

The United Dutch East India Company was the first multinational company in the world. Established to trade spices from the East Indies, the VOC dominated the Indian Ocean for two centuries, from 1602 to 1798. The worldwide mercantile empire of the VOC could only be ruled by means of an extensive administration run from the Republic. Approximately a quarter of the original VOC archives are still in existence and, here, visitors are taken on a sea voyage to the East starting in the Republic of the Seven United Provinces. Different parts of the world where the VOC traded can be accessed from the central concourse of the exhibition while the archival documents tell many stories. A number of contemporary perspectives throughout the exhibition, both national and international, in which different people share their experience and stories with the VOC in our day and age, demonstrate the fact that these archives still have relevance in our time.