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Office Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Fast Retailing (UNIQLO) and Allied Works Architecture

Project Title:


Project Location:

Tokyo, Japan

Design Practice Location:

Tokyo, Japan

Located on Tokyo’s waterfront, UNIQLO City Tokyo is a workspace inspired by Japan’s community and civic-space traditions. It is designed to transform UNIQLO culture by stimulating creativity, collaboration and productivity. The office spans 18,750 square metres on a single floor – the size of a Manhattan block – housing store/product design, marketing and communications.  On an insight that great companies have the energy and creativity of cities, architect Brad Cloepfil laid the site out like a city. Its massive space evolved to a system of streets and neighbourhoods, with elements inspired by vibrant capitals: meeting halls, libraries, restaurants, cafes, lofts, information hubs, galleries, street-side porches and music. The city is tied together by a street winding through three main neighbourhoods. Featuring 4.25-metre-high ceilings, the space has an abundance of windows and light. Employees enjoy the spaces, tools and engagement opportunities needed to innovate, completing complex group projects inside one location to the world’s best standards.