Wabi Sabi Apartment

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Project Details


Shows Flats & Developments Finalist

Design Practice:

Sergey Makhno Architects

Project Title:

Wabi Sabi Apartment

Project Location:

Kyiv, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

Kyiv, Ukraine

Wabi Sabi combines simplicity and authenticity. The design team surrounded the natural beauty with technology to create a smart apartment that is adapted to the needs of the occupant. This is a comfortable living space that builds a bridge between the Japanese and Ukrainian traditions. There’s a calm, meditative mood thanks to the deep, natural palette of shades: earth and sky tones, grassy greens and warm sandy shades. Wabi-sabi ideas (the Japanese concept of beauty in imperfection) combined with respect for the old became the core of the design concept for the space. A 17th-century table for the master bedroom; ancient lavas and wooden vessels used the laundry room; the wooden portals between the rooms were decorated with tree trunks set on the millstones. Sergey Makhno created most of the furnishing and décor, from lamps and tables to kitchen utensils. Tactile materials result in a timeless design; the walls were finished with natural clay in a technique used in traditional Ukrainian houses.