Woolworths Mall of Africa

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Retail Design Finalist

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Project Title:

Woolworths Mall of Africa

Project Location:

Gauteng, South Africa

Design Practice Location:

Cape Town, South Africa

This store marks a new beginning for Woolworths. A rationale was developed that placed the importance of public space above the need for trading space. A new palette of materials were chosen to enhance this: granite flooring, oak cladding and brass detailing give the store an air of timelessness and permanence. The design team was inspired to create a store that was more immersive, more engaging for customers. A hospitality approach was taken to service areas such as the fitting rooms, so the approach is more concierge hotel zone rather than a typical retail fitting room. The same approach was taken when designing the customer service area which is more of a smart lounge environment, and in turn takes the pain out of visiting these areas. The designers also explored how digital could be used in a more engaging way; now a lot of the digital screens used in the store are now carefully integrated into architectural elements which complete the design language.