Yorkshire Farmhouse

Project Details


Residential House Under £1M Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Averil Blundell Interior Design LLP

Project Title:

Yorkshire Farmhouse

Project Location:

North Yorkshire United Kingdom (GB)

ABID was tasked with redesigning the bedroom and bathroom areas of this farmhouse prior to the arrival of the owners’ first daughter. The couple wanted the property to feel comfortable and inviting with plenty of colour included; the property naturally leant itself to a degree of informality. Changes were made to improve the layout and flow of the rooms, creating an additional ensuite in the daughter’s bedroom. The property lacked useful storage so increasing storage capacity was a key focus, particularly in the two principle bedrooms. The Master Bedroom combines antique and vintage furniture and accessories with new pieces to create a timeless, evolved scheme that is both calm and elegant. The child’s bedroom was designed with longevity in mind by using colour and pattern in a fun but not childish manner so that the couple’s daughter wouldn’t grow out of it.