Warwick Road

15:23 30 July in

Halcyon Interiors designed this London kitchen in sleek, bold tones to blend into the distinct architecture of this recently extended building. A kitchen with symmetry and clean lines was the client’s desire, yet the architecture of the finished building would be asymmetrical and on differing...

Cuscaden One

12:41 30 July in

The client wanted the apartment to be relaxed with a funky, edgy style that would cater for his family when relaxing but be allow for larger gatherings with abundant seating and a very informal, welcoming atmosphere. The style for the apartment was to be bold...

Shimao Loong Palace Villa

11:47 30 July in

This project adopts innovative aesthetic design and marries the charm and keynote of Chinese style with European decorative techniques in a seamless, natural way. Examples include the caisson (spider web) ceiling, typical of ancient Chinese architecture; the wave pattern woven into traditional Chinese suits; and...

Taj Banqueting

11:23 30 July in

Taj Banqueting is a contemporary wedding and events space that has taken shape from all the clichés one would come to expect when referencing India.  The design team began the journey with a famous quote from legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland who said: “Pink is...

Plate 22

07:58 30 July in

Bistro "Plate 22" is located on the territory of the film studio in the former canning factory, so loft style organically entered into all studio facilities. The restaurant has occupied the place of the former factory canteen and is closed to visitors, which are not...

ALVIN Photography Club

09:42 27 July in

The interior design for ALVIN Photography Club meets client's needs about interior function and also solves the biggest problem that they have about store and display fifty advanced wedding dresses. Huge containers inspired the design concept, the floor surface is composed of containers; each container...

Tianjin China North Island B Type Villa

16:40 24 July in

An American neo-classical design concept lays a keynote of both comfort and functions for the overall space. Borrowed from the traditional Chinese aesthetic idea depicted in the Tang Dynasty poem With lengthening daytime, the scenic landscape emanates plant aroma amid the spring breeze, the design...

The Trevista Sales Gallery

13:39 21 July in

Located in flourishing Hangzhou and surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, the luxurious Trevista showcases a concept of refined spatial arrangement created through flowing space lines, rich textural materials, and artistic decoration. The design idea originates from the textures of ‘water, mountain and silk’ which all...


13:38 21 July in

Every little girl who grew up reading fairytales has dreamed that she was a princess in a fairytale world, swathed in a beautiful dress and dancing with a prince. The culmination of this childhood fantasy is a magical fairytale wedding complete with a dreamlike wedding...