Almarasem Sales & Marketing Showroom

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Office Design Finalist

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Project Title:

Almarasem Sales & Marketing Showroom

Project Location:

Cairo, Egypt

Design Practice Location:

Cairo, Egypt

The philosophical concept of this project, designed by Medhat Nehad, was to take the client through an interesting journey, from the moment they are parking their car to when they end up signing the contract to buy the property. The hierarchy starts with walking through the open landscape to the semi-transparent, welcoming glass cube. Next the dynamically designed main reception hall is approached through a welcoming corridor, before the focus of the project, the parabola-shaped room, is reached. The luxurious and modern touch of natural wood and glass enhances this unique project. Special lighting effects, for both the day and the night, strengthen it further. The architect took the challenge to negotiate the design concept with the client, convincing them to go through with these ideas in the Egyptian market.