Amalgamation of Styles

Project Details


Office Design Finalist

Design Practice:

KNS Architects

Project Title:

Amalgamation of Styles

Project Location:

Mumbai, India

Design Practice Location:

Mumbai, India

Nature and art play an integral part in this office design. The design adapts to seamlessly blend the elements of nature in its interiors. A skylight created on the top floor flushes the spaces with natural light, whereas an open-to-sky courtyard brings in the outdoors in the form of fresh air and rain.

Art is integrated through various murals – at the entrance a mural in steel depicts the company’s co-businesses; a world map highlights their global presence; a virtual tree runs through the staircase symbolising growth and biding; a mural on level four denotes the mission of the company: emerging, stabilising, and reaching for the sky. To maintain the heritage facade, a glass enclosure was added as an entertainment space. Overall the design is a perfect amalgamation of heritage and modern with an infusion of nature and art, making this office a refreshing space for employees.