Angular Geometry – Chair Showroom

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Project Details


Retail Design Finalist

Design Practice:

KNS Architects

Project Title:

Angular Geometry – Chair Showroom

Project Location:

Mumbai, India

Design Practice Location:

Mumbai, India

This chair showroom has been designed as a gallery, where the products become the artwork. Hexagonal forms are the primary design inspiration. This basic geometry is used to derive different forms by breaking the symmetry, stretching and pulling the form for a more playful variation. These variations are then played at different levels to create platforms of varying sizes; highlighted and differentiated with the use of solid & translucent surfaces. These add movement to the space and create a dramatised setup for the products to be perceived at different levels. A volume perceived as ceiling hung is designed to break the overall monotony of the space. This cantilevered volume houses the back office and meeting rooms. Materials such as wood, lamination and mirror are used to add warmth, depth and a unified feel to the space. The design provides creates a neutral yet playful setting with an artistic blend of material and forms.