Apartment in Gediminas Avenue

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Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Apartment in Gediminas Avenue

Project Location:

Vilnius, Lithuania

Design Practice Location:

Vilnius, Lithuania

The apartment is located in the historical part of Vilnius. When the project was originally planned, it was designed to have a single floor space with a total area of 58 square metres. During the construction, the space was divided into two floors, including a new overlay with a skylight window. The total area increased to 118 square metres. The first floor was planned to have a spacious living room area with an open kitchen and a bathroom connected with an integrated wardrobe. The second floor was divided into three spaces: a big bedroom with open staircase area, a bathroom, and a wardrobe connected with the working area. One of the main goals for this modern interior was to preserve and display the old, yellow bricks that were part of this original building structure and integrate them into the new contemporary concept space.