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Apartment Botanical Garden


Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Apartment Botanical Garden

Project Location:

Kyyiv, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

Kyyiv, Ukraine

Apartment Botanical Garden

The project focused on improving an existing apartment by creating a new terrace with glass roof and walls to create a winter garden. There are large plants on the terrace, as well as a green wall with an automatic watering system. The light and openwork chandelier by Baxter adorns the terrace. The entrance to the apartment has with two marble portals, which seems to be created from a single piece of stone. Stone is a recurring feature in the interior: marble floors in the living room, the terrace and the kitchen; as well as a contrasting black-and-white guest bathroom with slabs laid in a V-shape, and a very interesting master bathroom. One of the walls in the bathroom is decorated with Patagonia Quartzite. The cold shine of the stone is reflected in the walnut panels, as well as on the portals of the kitchen and living room.

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