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Restaurant Design Finalist

Design Practice:

4SPACE Design

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Project Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This project is a brand new classic and, at the same time, trending restaurant concept for a fast-growing city in the Emirates. New to Dubai, it includes a central open barbecue fire-pit with six different grills from around the world. As visitors enter, they are stunned by the spectacular sight of brick brazier spanning from floor to high ceiling, taking centre stage and serving as the focal point of the entire space. Together with the striking open-fire barbecue-pit, guests are entertained and as much a part of the culinary action as they spectate their carnivore feast being prepared.

4 Space is extremely proud to have achieved the client’s brief to perfection in accordance with budget and on time. Indeed, AtmosFire is more than just a restaurant – it is a dining destination.